Yes It’s Monday…

It’s a very early morning for me, at work at 6 AM, and waiting on a very slow 86 MB download across the company network.  Good excuse for me to cruise Xanga.  Nothing else I can do at the moment.

We had a major software upgrade over the weekend and I’m downloading the client side of the software.  If all goes well, my work should be easier.  If not — and this is what LadySavina and I am hoping for — I’ll have to grab a last minute ticket and make a mad dash flight up north to help fix the problem at the main office.  Then I’ll get to be with milady for the remainder of the week.

Meanwhile my weekend migraines have left me paranoid about another one starting.  It also prevented me from critiquing the two short stories for tonight’s writer’s meeting.  Depending on how things go I may do those at the last minute after getting off work.

One good thing about going to work really early is that I get to get off work really early.


4 thoughts on “Yes It’s Monday…

  1. Hola!  Sorry about the weekend migraines, hope they stay away, California seems to do me good.  knock on wood.
    May the Gods bless you with a trip up north to be with your lady love…I think all of us here in Bloggvill love happy endings and wonderful new beginnings so we are all rooting for you!  
    Hugs and well wishes,

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