Nature Points Out The Folly Of Man

Green sky
Sirens blowing
Grit stings against bare skin
It feels like the end of the world
Wall cloud

The destroyer
Distorted perspective
It can’t possibly be that big

Becomes blown dust
Trees turn to scattered sticks
Cars and trucks into twisted toys
God’s wrath

Outlines a shape
Electric Godzilla
A giant atomic lizard
Of wind


7 thoughts on “Nature Points Out The Folly Of Man

  1. Before moving to the Midwest, I’d probably have simply said, “That’s cool!” Now, you gave me a chill. “There but for the grace of God…”

  2. Very nice — and, you have prompted me to learn the word cinquain . . .Wishing you a swift and satisfactory resolution to your current story (and a wonderful time in Finland) . . .

  3. RYC: Am I too cool for school!  I actually can play most of that still on guitar.  I loved that song. 
    I’m writing a follow up on my hubbie’s situation.  Work . . . if it ain’t one thing, it’s another!

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