Inhibitions Begone!

This didn’t start out as a poem.  It’s lines from my love and I messenging each other today.  I looked at it and said, “That would make a great freeverse poem, what you just wrote.”  I asked if she’d mind me posting it, and she said, “As you wish.”

Inhibitions Begone!

Ice queen melted
Puddled at your feet
Wanton temptress standing before you
In all her naked splendour
Eyes sparkling with desire
And happiness from the knowledge
Of what is to come


4 thoughts on “Inhibitions Begone!

  1. You were right. It’s lovely! Did she mean to quote The Princess Bride? Because, well, now I’m wanting to watch the movie and hear farm boy, Wesley, say “As you wish.” Seriously, absolutely adore the freeverse.

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