My love has gone to sort some things out in her life.

I need to do the same.

I’ll be back.  Hugs to you all.


14 thoughts on “

  1. Um…are you guys at the three-month mark by any chance?  because if so, this is the point where the first blush wears off and you guys make the decision whether or not you want to commit to a relationship.  You step back and say “we have nothing in common” or you say “most of her is wonderful but some things bug me” or she says “i want kids and he doesn’t, that’s a deal-breaker.”  hard stuff.  I wish you both well.

  2. Majorly.Because basically, no offense, it’s basically stating that girls should give men total domination and power. Women are perfectly capable of doing those things in a relationship, and I believe shouldn’t be denied such things, lest it results in supression of women.But I guess that’s just how our society sees things nowadays… how men should always be the “knight in shining armor”. While it is flattering and all, women should be able to express strength, too, not just be the damsel in distress.

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