Morning Music

Oh My God do I love listening to Pink Floyd in the morning!

Right now they’re telling me to Shine On, You Crazy Diamond.

I’ve been coming in to work early because, between 6 – 8 AM, the corporate Wide Area Network is fast enough to be usable.  So I get the majority of stuff I need to do over the WAN done first thing in the morning.   Then I get to leave at 3 in the afternoon.

Pink Floyd always starts my day out just right.  OLD Pink Floyd, that is.  The really wicked cool stuff they did BEFORE The Wall.

What is your favorite morning music?   


12 thoughts on “Morning Music

  1. I used to go in early because I could get the copier to myself and get a whole bunch of work done.  Of course my boss didn’t get this and I still had to stay til 5pm.  Then when I got promoted I worked from about 7am til 9pm pretty regularly unless I was traveling which was about 10 days a month.
    For years I didn’t have a radio/cassette player in my car so I sang alot.
    For me it depends on my mood.  If I’m going to teach a class I usually put on one of my teaching tapes [music that has been designed to go together at a specific beats per minute].  That is usually very upbeat, get it going, move your body type music. 
    I recently downloaded a bunch of songs from The Style Council.  I need to burn them onto a CD [I’m so 1999 ].

  2. I’m not really sure I have a specific morning music.  I’m actually quite addicted to morning talk radio (although a year ago I despised it).  But, if pressed, probably the Garden State soundtrack or anything by Coldplay. 

  3. Post 9/11, I usually listen to News Radio in the morning.  During the day, I listen to whatever I’m in the mood for usually any type of Rock or R&B, and then on the drive time home it’s Blues, and on the weekends it’s Jazz.

  4. I’m not a morning person, and can’t ever recall listening to music at that time. If I did though, I’d want it to be something to wake me up… Maybe Wagner

  5. LASER, yes, light amplification…. yes, right.
    MASER, something to do with plastics, yes.
    Hazer, bad frat guy. =)
    “Phasors on stun.” Capt. James T. Kirk. yes, doing good.

  6. when i was a wee young thing, i used to be terrified of daleks. now i think they’re the one of greatest things science fiction ever came up with. i need loud loud music to get me out of bed. so its black rebel motorcycle club or editors or hawkwind. although the other morning the radio went on, and panic at the disco threw me out of bed. the radio might be broken now.have you read the new william gibson? people keep telling me its good, but i’m a little suspicious.

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