Propeller Nose Horns?

Yesterday I saw, for the first time, a nose piercing that went between the nostrils.  The kid had a pair of green chrome horns sticking out of his nose, and when I saw that I thought … if you put little working propellers on the ends, they would spin as you breathe.

Has anyone ever seen propellers on a piercing?


11 thoughts on “Propeller Nose Horns?

  1. I’ve never seen propellers on a piercing.  That’s funny that you’ve never seen a piercing between the nostrils.  Maybe it’s just Austin, but I see those fairly regularly.  The weirdest piercing I’ve ever seen is through a girl’s forearm.  Right through the top of the arm.  It was a giant bar, about 4 inches long, and you could see it under her skin.  There was a little ball on each end, and it made me feel physically ill for some reason.  I just can’t imagine the pain.
    RYC:  That’s how I feel about checkers too.  I am the customer.  But I try to remember that they get evaluated on their time per item, and I try to be consciencious (I killed that spelling – sorry!).

  2. yeah that’s pretty tame body mod for some of the kids I know, the crazy ones are when they insert molded silicone under the skin so it stands up….like faun horns on the forehead…knobs along the ribs etc…also saw a guy who had split his tounge down the middle…sheeeit!

  3. Ugh .  .  . I’m not a fan of odd piercings . . . not even a Prince Albert!  One of my husband’s friends has one and has to sit down to pee or he sprays the walls because it comes out and goes both directions. 
    The more you know!

  4. Not into the piercings and the body mods and the self mutilation stuff.  I can’t deal mentally.  I get the heebie jeebies.  Yet I felt compelled to read every comment…..

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