Recently Observed

  • Someone pointed out that it’s impossible for me to be the reincarnation of Elvis, since both of us were alive at the same time.
  • A recent discussion leads me to believe that women over 40 are much more likely to be interested in morning sex than younger women.
  • Another possible place to have piercing jewelry which features a spinning propeller is at the end of a penis.
  • People who own shiny new iPods become rudely hostile if you point out to them that they paid top dollar for planned obsolescence.

10 thoughts on “Recently Observed

  1. I find that in general morning fooling around with cunnilinguis/blowjob is much more of apossible option than actual sex . . . which is becoming a rarity in the early morning.
    But to be honest I’m usually too grumpy/tired in the morning to really want to anyway.

  2. The penis propeller, if fashioned in the form of a helicopter rotor, could be a great, natural alternative to viagara.You could still be Elvis – check the date he died. Did your personality suddenly change on that date? His soul may have invaded your body.Women over 40 are more likely to be retired and not have to get up to go to work.Ipods – computers – washing machines – Heidi Klum – Cindy Crawford – every model is superseded by something eventually

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