From a conversation last night…

“If all men were forced to either become enlightened, or be required to pass a pineapple, we would live in an enlightened society.”

Update:  Make sure to read LadySavina‘s comment below!  ROFLMAO


10 thoughts on “From a conversation last night…

  1. Personally I think that unless they are enlightened to start with, judged by taking the enlightenment test at the age of 18, they should experience the joy of passing a pineapple.  They could then be given the option of taking enlightenment training with a test at the end or passing another pineapple. Of course – should they fail the course they would have to pass another pineapple.  I bet they would study hard and put everything they learned into practice!   Should they ever fall off the wagon then they would have to pass another pineapple. AND – we mustn’t forget those nights of wild abandonment that might result in them temporarily becoming unenlightened, should that happen, they should endure another pineapple experience!

  2. ‘Passing a pineapple’ reminded me of a recent “South Park” episode, about the world’s record for the largest turd. I challenge anyone to watch that episode and still say men aren’t ‘enlightened’.

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