Only In Texas

I’m not a native Texan, but I live there.

Tomorrow at work is the Big Chili Cookoff.  I love good chili, but not the kind that melts your teeth or gives you food poison.  Those seem to be the two varieties that pop up every year.  It’s like a theme.

The day after is usually the company’s official Noxious Outgassing Day.

Should I just call in sick?


16 thoughts on “Only In Texas

  1. I believe it’s in Ubiq that P.K. Dick has one of his characters wear a propellor beanie.
    Thanks for the reading list promise. I need more reviewers on amazon, I think. Right now it’s struggle,struggle, struggle.

  2. Hmm.  You could just put fans on your desk to blow any offending odors back to the person emitting said odor.Or, instead of calling in sick, call in smart.  “I’m sorry, but I am too smart to come into work today.  I have learned from prior experience and regretfully decline to participate in today’s stinkfest.  Thanks ever so.  See you on Friday.”hugs.

  3. LOL! Cut your losses and make asparagus chilli for the event, as an homage to your home town of Stockton. That way, everyone can burn their mouth, get food poisoning, fart up a storm, and PEE GREEN! You’ll have contributed to the Texas EVENT OF THE CENTURY!

  4. I have a Texas cousin who for years participated in various chili cook-offs around TX, NM, and AZ – he’s retired now, and smells better.  😀 

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