True Or False?

“I really don’t understand,” she whispered to him.  “How can information be alive?”

“You, yourself, are made up of information,” he whispered back, “and you’re alive.”

“My body is alive.”

“Your body is made of information.”

Marla shook her head.  “I don’t get it.”  She strained her eyes, searching in both direction.  “It looks clear,” she finally whispered.

They quickly walked across the red brick paved street, over the tracks and under the electric wire.  “Do you believe in a God?” he asked.

“Yes, and yes you told me three times now that God’s thoughts are all around us.”  She pointed.  “Even in the trash.”

“Thoughts are made of information, right?  God’s thoughts manifest themselves as information all around us.  Therefore, don’t you think they would be living information?”

“True or false,” Marla said.  “Theology is not one of my strong points.”

Do you believe that information itself can be alive?


14 thoughts on “True Or False?

  1. It’s too early in the morning for me to come up with any kind of intelligent response to this query.  Amazingly well written.  I think I’d like to buy your book.  I enjoy your pieces so much.  What is it called again?

  2. Information is a perception. The actual data related to the perception could possibly be termed ‘alive’ in that said data might be fluid, changing, requiring measurement ‘in-time’. How data, or collections of data, are perceived as perception(s) or meaning(s) requires a ‘perceptor’, who might be alive in some sense… Probably… As “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” (~ Socrates).

    RYC: [geek] Wookiee has two Es [/geek]
    I recently met a guy who is almost 7′.  I’d seriously consider making him the bodysuit for a Wookiee costume if he’d get the mask, etc. and troop with the 501st.

  4. RYC: I think Wookiee does have to be treated as a proper noun.  They are an individual species.  But hmmm, we can say human.  Gah! I don’t know.
    The only way, IMO, to do a good Wookiee costume is to make it yourself.  The Rubies one is meh.

  5. remind yourself sweetly there is no irrevelance

    no such thing as lack of connection

    no failure of logic or absence of order

    we’re all making waves of light at each other

    all winking hello ; all learning the dance

    merging into the tapestry with our astral prance

    practicing how to be part of the net

    it’s the reason we’re here

    it’s the reason we’ve met.

    this is from my 8/28 post here…I so believe we are
    as much a part of the fabric of creation as we are creation.

  6. Very nicely done.  I love your writing.  (And, to answer your question, with the givens and parameters you’ve laid out, yes, I believe that information/energy can be alive.) 

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