Living Information

That post I did earlier about living information, that wasn’t from my book, that was from a short story I was writing.  It’s done now and in the hands of my writer’s group.

My book is called Travels, it’s a science fiction where the Antichist turns out to be an AI program.  There’s a link attached to the graphic, if you’re interested.

OH, and it looks like I’m not going to Finland until January or February.


9 thoughts on “Living Information

  1. I can not WAIT to read your book! Good for you!

    RYC: Yes, ‘Davis’ actually means ‘David’s son.’ My husband is David, so we thought Davis would be a sweet name for a little boy. Thanks for all of your kind words.

  2. And it’s a terrific book! I’ve read it, so has my mom, and we both LOVED it (we also both have autographed copies, which we’re sure we be worth quite a bit someday (smile)).

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