New Countdown

I bought plane tickets yesterday.  I get to see my love in 16 days.

At work, something that was supposed to be just a minor aspect of my job has taken over completely.  My manager is going to create a separate position for it, and if it entails a raise, I get the position.  If it’s less, we hire someone else to do it.

This is a huge irony, as someone was already doing it pretty much full time when they eliminated the position.  That belonged to my very own love, LadySavina.

Speaking of Milady, we ended up putting Xanga friends lock on her account as well.  Better safe than sorry, considering the circumstances.

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!


5 thoughts on “New Countdown

  1. It was a great Halloween around here.Finland in February . . .fantastic!  Or not.  I thought it was bad enough scheduling a conference for Boston in two Februarys ago.  I braved the cold and wind to do a little exploring, but the Frost Giants might track you down and skin you alive in Finland . . .You’ve always got something to look forward to, it seems.  Good for your sanity . . .Very funny anecdote you left for me.  I know that I had a few teachers who would have had the same response.

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