Little Phone Found

I apparently left the phone on a table in the library.  It’s now safely back in my pocket.

Twelve days
Until my love
Twelve days until 11
Time cannot pass quickly enough
And then it passes
Too fast

I made a discovery by accident.  Adding a five syllable line toward the end of a cinquain, making it 2-4-6-8-5-2, ends a stanza with a more natural feel to it.  I wonder if there is already a name for this form?


9 thoughts on “Little Phone Found

  1. Glad you got the phone back!  I just finished reading your PKD story and freaking loved it!  I can’t believe it is a first draft!  I’m going to have a hard time finding anything to mark up.  Loved the way you Tuckerized Melanie and Derek too!

  2. Doesn’t it seem like forever when you’re waiting to see the one you love? At least, it has always been like that for me..
    And then when that time comes, you never want it to end.

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