Short Stories!? Blasphemy!

How dare I write short stories during the month we’re all supposed to be writing a novel?

Well, I probably will be working on a NaNoWriMo novel this month, but it’s the one I started a year ago.  Right now, though, I’m definitely in short story mode, and I’m on a roll.  Since I’m on a roll, I should keep up the momentum.

I want to write a story about a truly, mind-bogglingly alien alien.  I also want to write a vampire story, one which has a hugely original (I hope) twist to it.  I want to write a werewolf story that is truly one for the dogs.  And I want to write something about a guy who has a love affair with a very special car.

In between these I may actually do some work on my novel.


15 thoughts on “Short Stories!? Blasphemy!

  1. Wow.  I’m excited to read all of these jewels.  This is why I don’t think I’ll ever be a novelist.  I don’t think about writing entire stories.  I just sit down at the computer and let my fingers rattle off whatever’s on their mind.

  2. I’m wondering if I’ll ever get beyond short stories.  I’m not completely sure that I want to . . .
    Best wishes to you on all of these (and I’m always in favor of defying convention, anyway) . . .

  3. thats ambition. good luck and such. is NaMoWriMo an American thing? or just shoddily publicised? because in Aus, its Movember and every man is expected to grow a moustache in support of prostate cancer. i think i may have missed the point on it.
    RYC: i think its possible the reason we spend alot of time searching for external validation is to reassure ourselves that the picture we have, the person we created, is what we thought we made, because we can never really see it. so we rely on others reactions and our reactions to their reactions and sometimes it just gets too tangled.
    and i’ll probably never get sick of anyone telling me i can write. praise isn’t something i’m used to, so its nice.
    i’ll be going to London, Amsterdam, Reykjavik, Prague and Madrid, hopefully. not till my birthday next year though.

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