School Shooting in Finland

You may or may not have heard of the school shooting in Finland yesterday.  It created quite a buzz here at work because the corporate headquarters is in Finland.

This morning we learned that one of the people killed was the wife of one of our fellow employees.

It instantly went from an internal “that is horrible” to “OMG that hurts!”  I don’t know this guy who lost his wife, but the fact that I have a distant connection to him, it suddenly made the news personal.

I guess it’s in our nature, somehow, that when you work for a company — no matter how big — at some deep level you feel like you’ve joined an extended family.  Anything that happens to a member of a family is more immediate and intense than if its a stranger.

At least that’s what I figure.


6 thoughts on “School Shooting in Finland

  1. I have a friend who has a co-worker who miscarried recently.  Ever since, he’s been sad when he watches TV shows that depict the loss of a child’s life.  It is amazing, how work becomes a kind of secondary family.

  2. I think you’re right. And I think it’s not just a company, but any organization the becomes a part of you, even for a brief period of time, as such organizations (e.g. work. church, clubs, etc) became a part of your memories and therefore a part of you.
    I remember, when the news broke about Patrick Purdy walking onto that playground in Stockton with his fucking AK-47, how I was immediately pulled back to that point in my life years earlier, when I spent more than a year as a volunteer TA at Clevelend Elementary. It was like a painful punch in the gut. I felt a similar feeling (though to a lesser degree) when I heard about CompuCom closing their Stockton DC.
    The world needs more such empathy, I think. If (not when, regretably (sigh)) the majority of humanity someday finally recognises the fact that we’re all one species trying to survive on one ‘big blue marble’ (a ‘big blue marble’ that’s getting smaller and smaller every day), our species might actually survive.

  3. We had a guy and a girl here that went up to the 5th floor of a building on campus to have sex on a slanted roof. Something went awry, however, and they both fell to their deaths.
    What a way to go, eh?

  4. Yeah, I agree with you and Tim.  I have several “extended” families.  All whom I love, whom I care about, and even who drive me crazy from time to time. 

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