Hole In The Road

There’s a man with a shovel
And a street with a hole
Red cones in the middle
You have to pay the toll

With the rolling of the truck
And the rolling of the cars
We must keep them moving
Instead they stop at bars

Where liquor keeps on flowing
And naked girls will dance
With the shaking of their bodies
They will put us in a trance

So you fall into a dream
See the garden of delight
But the wheels keep on rolling
Ignore the flashing light

Past the red cone barrier
And smashing into trees
Tearing up the virgin garden
To spread this new disease

Where once was a forest
There now stands a road
And the man with the shovel
Has pockets full of gold


5 thoughts on “Hole In The Road

  1. they will put *us* in a trance, right?
    i like this. just trying to figure out its meaning.
    does tearing up the virgin garden mean loss of virginity? hm…i like the message of the overall poem.

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