Am I Gay?

I’m sitting here typing, mainly to give the cucumber facial mask time to dry.  And you know, I have to admit, that sounds like a really gay thing for a guy to be doing.  Putting on a cucumber peel-off facial mask.

But I’ve already done my nails, and sewn up some shirts that needed mending, and now that I think about it, those activities sound pretty darn gay as well.

What else do I do that’s gay?  Hmm.  The big one is that I cry at movies, especially love stories.  I love musicals, too, especially Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Gay, and gay.

Art makes me tear up.  Anything beautiful that I can tell someone put a lot of work into, to make something completely outstanding for other people to simply enjoy … that makes me tear up.

So I have to really ask myself:  Am I gay?

Here’s the ultimate litmus test to check that theory:  do other men turn me on?  Sexually

Let me think about that.  (Think, think, think, think…) 

The answer:  Not that I am aware of.

So what does turn me on?  I can answer that easily.  My lady love, my future wife, she drives me crazy with desire.  Everything about her cranks me all the way up to 11.

And how!

So …….. I’m not gay.  I’m just a sensitive kind of guy.  Who likes to look good for his girl.

Whew!  Glad I clarified that!  And now it’s time for me to go peel off the facial mask.  Hope y’all are having a great weekend!


9 thoughts on “Am I Gay?

  1. Just because a male has stereotypical feminine characteristics doesn’t automatically mean his sexuality should be pointed to homosexual… in fact, many women have stereotypical masculine characteristics, but that doesn’t mean we’re homosexual.
    And also… 🙂 must just add this in for a little side treat. Just because a man loves a woman or a woman loves a man does not mean they are solely bound to the opposite gender. Or are you forgetting my previous post? There is no black and white, but also gray, remember – that gray being Bisexuality.
    But it’s awesome that you’re nice and squeaky clean! *hugs*

  2. Lol. I loved this post. There’s nothing wrong with NOT being ashamed of taking care of yourself and keeping your nails trim and clean. As for the crying–well some people have more use for tissues than others :op It’s business. Keep the tissue industry alive!

  3. Lesbian’s trapped in men’s bodies. You and my both, dude. Let’s get together and spend the afternoon watching all our favorite musicals! Anything by Lerner and Lowe will do for me, especially “Brigadoon”.

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