Eleven Random Things

  1. I get to see my love in three days!  I will be there for a week. 
  2. Last night I stumbled upon, by pure chance, a wonderful website for anyone who is/was in an abusive relationship:  DrIrene.com
  3. Some people don’t even realize they are in an abusive relationship. 
  4. I didn’t realize until far after the fact that I had been in a co-dependent one.
  5. There is no #5
  6. For the past two years I have been studying various aspects of physics, psychology, and social science, in order to build my own personal philosophy.  Tidbits of things I’ve learned, little encapsuled memes, I’m posting here:  MightyGood.info
  7. I am struggling with Xanga addiction.
  8. Today is my birthday.  My kids are taking me out to dinner tonight.
  9. In writing my autobiography, I’m at odds with what to leave out.  I keep censoring myself because I don’t want to hurt anyone.  But, should I?  As long as I’m honest, should there be a problem?
  10. The four topics I’m having problems with are the deaths of my brother and mother, my father’s womanizing, and my own marriage.
  11. Would anyone mind if I post some of it here over the next few months?

12 thoughts on “Eleven Random Things

  1. Happy Birthday my uber love!  I thank the powers that be every day for bringing you into my life.  I love you. I owe you so much.  Thank you to opening my eyes to my own “abusive relationship” 

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!I agree with I.T.I above.  Don’t hold back and then edit afterwards.  If it’s an autobiography, you need to be as honest as possible.  You will always have people who will be passionate about Highly Emotional and Deep events that were experienced by multiple parties.  You are bound to get all kinds of feedback.  Again you need to be honest and acknowledge that this is your view of events through your own eyes.  Use your own judgement in terms of if, how, and to what degree something written will hurt somebody.

  3. Wow.  Where to begin?
    Happy Birthday!
    Enjoy the upcoming trip (as if there were any way you would not) . . .
    I’d love to see bits of your autobiography here.  I would not dare to tell you what or how much to leave out, but I think that it’s important not to imprint your own emotions and interpretations on the actions of others.  To clarify — we need to know that “My father did X” or “My ex-wife did Y”, but stating that they did X or Y “because . . .” is a disservice to all parties.
    You’ve probably already thought all of this through, but I thought I’d toss in my 1 1/2 cents (insufferable inflation) . . . 

  4. Happy birthday… Again (smile). As for the autobiography, funny, I was inspired to write mine too, recently, and gave it a bit of thought this weekend. I ended up with two realizations: 1.) The best path is posthumeous, like Hepburn and Ford chose recently (though that’s also a difficult path for a writer to take, I’d think), and 2.) The next best path is to defer the project until all other parties are deceased… Else you run the risk of either hurting someone or writing a dishonest book.
    Another path would be anonymous publication, but that’s still a bit dishonest, and also no guarantee of protection. Anyway, those are my conclusions from this past weekend. Cool though, that we were thinking on the same topic.

  5. Happy Birthday!  I would go ahead and add everything about your life, those parts that are the hardest will also have the most healing magic.  And since everyone always sees events differently, you don’t have a prayer of satisfying everyone in you life, so write about what happened to YOU and how it affected YOU. If other people remember it differently, let them write the own biography.
    My two cents.

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday to you…mine is Sat.Three days and you will be smilin’ big timeI am happy for you…you post what you need…this is your xanga have a super duper day!!!

  7. Happy Birthday!!!And write whatever you like, knowing that all experiences are filtered through the eyes of the participants, and accepting that.  Perception is reality for the participants.I love reading all your posts, so I’d love to read your autobiography too.

  8. I heard a rumor that today is your birthday…well happy birthday to ya!!!
    You could turn it into “fiction” lots of great fiction comes from real life people with the same concerns. I for one would love to read it.
    Thanks for your comment…seriously considering it actually.

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