Can men and women ever be completely equal? Should they?

Especially in this Information Age, where we are supposedly enlightened, men and women should finally be truly equal.

Should be.  Not that it really stands that way.  I am convinced it’s more so now than ever in recorded history.

I can tell you this for certain.  My LadySavina is my complete equal.  I publically vow here, now, and forever, that she is and always will be free to do as she wishes, that I will never try and control her, that I will never demand — but only ask.

In an age of enlightenment, equality starts at home and works outward.  Not the other way.

Can you tell I’m an optimist?

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9 thoughts on “Can men and women ever be completely equal? Should they?

  1. Thank you my love!  However, I do not believe that men and women will ever be equal.   You cannot bear or nurse children, I cannot reach the tall cupboards in the house or pick up objects over 100lbs.  Things that you do with ease.  Biologically and physically we will never be equal.  Intellectually, women are more than equal, but socially I think we are a long way from equality for women.  Enlightened men are few are far between.  Too many men see women, their wives, daughters, as property, and while that attitude prevails, woman will never reach equal status.  Additionally – I think that the women’s lib movement has done a great disservice to women – because it has allowed men to drop the little bit of chivalrous behaviour they displayed, but has done nothing to educate them in other areas.

  2. It’s not just an optimistic thought, but a Taoist one as well. How we perceive and interact with our world starts with us, with what we do, how we find our own balance with others and our environment. It’s an important realization, whether or not you embrace other ‘labels’ such as Taoist, Buhddist, Progressive, Feminist, Man trapped in a Feminist’s body, etc.

  3. Men will continue to prevail as long as they remain afraid of the feminine power that a woman commands, and as long as they remain afraid of said power they will continue to dominate and brutalize women in an effort to subdue that power.

  4. My wonderful lady just gave me a great idea, just now.    I’m going to write a story about it.Men are terribly jealous of women’s power of creation, and through science have been trying in various ways to gain that power for himself (artificial life, AI’s, cloning, etc).  It is also the reason women have been kept under man’s thumb — for exactly what LS (above) is stating.

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