The adventure started as my love and I were returning to her farm with some dinner.  There was an unfamiliar car sitting in front of her house with its lights on.  My love said, “Don’t stop.  Keep driving.”  So I kept going down the road, both of us trying to catch a better glimpse of who it might be.

Our relationship at this point is still rather secret, so as not to throw a monkey wrench into her divorce.  But that isn’t what made her nervous.  There’s a race, you see, to file the divorce before her future ex does, as he lives several states away.  If he files there, it will really mess things up for her.

So she immediately thought: process server.  She already has one out hunting for him.  Only natural to assume this was one hunting for her.

We drove a few miles, parked for a bit, then turned around and drove back.  Upon passing her house we saw the unfamiliar car still sitting there waiting.

We kept going.

We hid out at a McDonalds way out on the Interstate for a few hours, and then came up with a plan.  There was another hidden driveway on her farm, across the corn field, and so we drove into that and parked with the lights off.  Then, in the dead of night, I snuck across the field and up from behind the house to get a better look.

By now, however, the coast was clear.  Whoever it was, they’d given up.

So I went back to the car, and we zoomed up to the house, hid the car around the side, went in, and grabbed clothes, toiletries, etc., and … after making sure it was still safe … got back in the car and drove quickly away.

We fled.  Across a state line, even, to where I had a pretty much unused hotel room.  My love and I, and her baby, spent the night there.

To be continued…


7 thoughts on “Adventure!!

  1. Good luck with all that. We used to occasionally get a call from one of our neighbors to find out if there was anyone waiting outside her house. At the time she was (sort of) being stalked (long story) so we were more than happy to check for her so she wouldn’t have to come home to someone waiting for her. Maybe you could find a friendly neighbor to keep an eye out.

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