Maximum Jerk

In the middle of three daylong meetings to enforce worldwide writing standards in the corporation, today I found myself having to defend putting a period after Mr. and Mrs. (and, of course, Mz.) because as it turns out, they are not necessary.

I also ran into one of my favorite technical terms (seriously):  Maximum jerk.

Today brought a new one:  Lateral quakage.

Technical writing can be fun … if you allow it to be.

Our dodging of the phantom process server may have been a red herring.  It is beginning to look like the strange car in front of LadySavina’s farm was simply some random people dumping a kitten.  There have been no fireworks (or cannon shots) from the upcoming battle.  It’s like the eerie calm before the storm.

Speaking of storms… if the string of storms due to hit over the next few days live up to the media’s shameless fear-mongering, I may be trapped here an extra day. OH DARN.    I’m praying for a good ice storm to close down the local airport on Thanksgiving.

Being that I’m on a ssssllllooooowwww modem connection I can’t really go get my Xanga fix.  I’ll play catch up after I’m back in Texas.  You have not been forgotten!


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