I got the flu shot this year, so the flu can’t get me.  So what happens?  I get one of the most horrendous colds I’ve had in recent memory.

My immune system usually kicks a cold’s buttocks, but it’s the cold that’s doing the kicking this time.

I’m going to stumble my way around Xanga but I’m not sure if my comments will make much sense.  If they don’t, I hereby blame over-medication.


8 thoughts on “Sick!

  1. That’s why I never get the flu shot.  It pretty much (98%) guarantees that I will get sick as a dog.  It’s annoying.  Hope you feel better!!

  2. I didn’t feel great after my flu shot but then again I don’t think you should get a flu shot and then teach 2 hour long aerobic classes.
    I remember the Furby.  I think all of them were deranged and demonic

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