He Who Flew, Crashed, and Flew Again

I wasn’t the only kid there — the stands were full of kids.  Kids and their dads.  And I was sitting there right next to mine, waiting impatiently.  We really didn’t care much about the race.  We didn’t care about the monster trucks.  We came for a motorcycle.

One motorcycle.  One rider. 

And I forget how many school buses.

Finally the time came.  The announcer spent five minutes building it up.  A dark haired rider in wild red-white-and-blue revved his motorcycle to an insane pitch, sent it flying across the grounds, hurtling up an impossibly high ramp…

…and flew…  …flew…  ……FLEW…….

…above the top of all those big yellow school buses!  He landed perfectly on the other side, choreographed with fireworks and the hysterical screams of adulation.  I remember we left right after that, my ears ringing and my throat sore.

Evil Knievel was one crazy rebel, and in so many ways, a very pure American.

Amazing he lasted to 69 years old, after all the abuse that body took.  Simply amazing. 

RIP Evil.  Jump those canyons on your winged mount on the Other Side.


4 thoughts on “He Who Flew, Crashed, and Flew Again

  1. Wow.  You saw the real Evel.  I still remember seeing footage of the jump he did at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas.  You can still see it on youtube.  He must of broke every bone in his body on that one.  Another point, it seemed Hells Angels and Evel Knievel were just about the only people riding Harley’s at that time during the 70’s.

  2. Again, you humble me with all your brushes with famous people (smile). I only saw him on TV (and in the movie based on his early career, I think George Hamilton played Evil(?)). I’ll never forget watching that last attempted jump over the Snake River.

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