Old Shack in McKinney

Every day I pass this old shack on the way to and from work, and I’ve always wanted to do a photo study of it. 

Well, today was finally the day…

First of all, because of the subject, I felt it would be best studied in sepia…

Then I found one angle that I thought was especially creepy…

Or was it this angle that was especially creepy?

I guess this would be the porch?

Well ventilated walls…

Superb craftsmanship…

Uh, but watch where you step around here.

On the way back I found what I thought was a great image to entitle:  “Man Vs. Nature”

Hummer Accessories

I had to do some research on Hummers this morning, as I was writing a scene where a driverless H2 attempts to kill my novel’s protagonist, and came across this video showing all the myriad Hummer features.

[For those without broadband access, this video shows little known options such as tractor treads and jet engines.  My personal favorite option appears to be a particle beam cannon, or perhaps a death ray, that pops out of the top of the vehicle.]

I’m resisting the urge to post the actual scene.  When the “glow” wears off I may not think it’s so wonderful, and then find it may actually be embarrassingly awful. 

The Last Friday Of The Year

I spoke to LadySavina a couple times since my last blog.  Her Christmas was without conflict and she’s heading home … but she’s heading into a big snowstorm.  I don’t think she’ll be home until tomorrow.  UPDATE: She is home safe, I just got a call.

My boss gave me the afternoon off and I don’t go back until Wednesday.  My younger daughter and I went to lunch, where my older daughter waitresses, and I helped her ‘upsell’ ratio by ordering so many beers that I couldn’t drive afterwards.  So I handed her the car keys and walked home, leaving the sisters together with the car.  They came home giggling about boys.

I put another 1500 words on the novel but I’m sure these words will need some serious editing.  Later.

Novel Progress

I miss LadySavina in the worst way.  I haven’t talked to her for about five days now.  It’s killing me.

I’ve channeled my angst into my novel and boosted the word count a good 4000 (and counting).  I’ve also been able to translate some very personal feelings into it.  The main character is back from the dead, and keeps thinking about his previous life — which I’ve been able to equate to my “coma years” back when I was married.  His current adventure, in his new life, I’ve been able to equate with the excitement I feel about my own life — it’s wonderful to be able to say that I am living my favorite time of my life right now.  I’m also able to translate some actual events into fictitious ones, like sneaking into LadySavina’s house to grab clothes and stuff for her when we thought she was being watched.  I’m also able to base a lot of disturbing behavior of my novel’s villain on actual behaviors I’ve observed coming from someone real.

My villain is actually creeping me out as I write about him.  I’m not really sure if that is a good thing or not.

Speaking of creepy.  Check out this ambiguous trailer I found on YouTube…

Merry Christmas To You

Merry Christmas to LadySavina, who’s gone to spend the holiday with her two older daughters.  We were hoping last Christmas would be our last apart, but now we’re confident that this one will be.  One way or the other, we are going to be together in 2008.

Merry Christmas to my oldest friend, Pat!  Dude, we need to get together in 2008.

To Bill, Tim, Heather, Saadia, Melanie, Jeff, and Chrissy, I actually said Merry Christmas to you on my “main” blog:  MojoWriter.com.  But just in case you don’t make it over there, I’m wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year here on Xanga, too.

Merry Christmas to Vexations, and thanks for all the wonderful photography and poems. 

Merry Christmas to Eliminate The Impossible and thank you for the amazing 31 Days of Horror last October, even if I still haven’t read them all.

Merry Christmas to Daeshii and her cute kids!

Merry Christmas to Darkoozeripple, who’s book is still on my wish list, and will be picking up this next paycheck.

Grievous Angel, merry Christmas to you too, and Primative 1, hugs and Christmas wishes!  Barbara Edwards, hubba hubba merry Christmas baby!  Woot!  But She Bites, welcome home and Merry Christmas.  2008 will be better.  Make it so.  Frazzle, I miss you on Xanga, I never make it out to your LiveJournal.  Merry Christmas and be happy!

Rockin Ink Slinger — You rock!  Keep dazzling your man with your Winter Sexy and Merry Christmas!

Beautiful Disaster, stay beautiful and have a very merry Christmas!

Pure white light of love to Ashes To Ashes, Words To Words!  Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to Jada Marnew, and may the force be with you!  Merry Christmas also to SF AmyLou, Old Hat, BuyIt, Quiltnmomi (and Mysterri), Jelera22, Circus Of Redeption, the very groovy Groove Thang, Charon Wraith (love those aliens!), ShadowsOfThought, Mischeif Skittles, VickyVix, Little Miss Lovestruck, Uryra919, LuckyStars, Xephyria, Slycat Blaze, Lil’ Calliope, my old friend MisterCreosote (you stopped posting!), Swashbucklette (arrrr!  aaaarrr!  Aye me bucko!), and She Who Loves Smores Poptarts.

Merry Christmas to Mary Eliz, Crossing Serendipity, Say It All, my old old friend Dan Ledbetter (who posts maybe once a year), NutterGreen, So She Dances, PaleWriter, Chris, Miss Mellieb, and MacBeth I (who apparently has abandoned her Xanga account).

Deep breath.  Whew!  Sorry if I forgot anyone, but if I have … merry Christmas to you too!  And to everyone, have a wonderful new year!

I’m going to go open some presents now…

Yesterday’s poem really was written while I was drunk.  I’d just had a strong bottle of barley wine and was talking to LadySavina, and told her I loved her triolet poem and was thinking about writing one of my own.  She said, “Go on, then,” in her adorable British accent.

The result is what I posted yesterday evening.

Tonight I am on the verge of re-dedicating myself to my current novel.  So if I seem scarce for a while, it’s not that I’m avoiding Xanga, it’s more that I’m focusing my energy on the manuscript.

The below is, apparently, a Godzilla-like monster movie filmed like the Blair Witch Project…