Getting Better – Finally!

I’m sick, and my daughters caught it from me, so we’re all three sick.

Yesterday I took my younger daughter and her and I went to the doctor.  The doctor said, “No, this is more than a really bad cold.”  We have sinus infections, and my daughter has an ear infection on top of it.

So I had to pull down my pants and get two shots in my buttocks.  Steroids and penicillin.  Last night I picked up antibiotics for all three of us.

This morning I feel 90% better!  Which is good, too, because I’m off to see LadySavina in 6 days.  We get to go to the office Christmas party together.

I’m her date! 


8 thoughts on “Getting Better – Finally!

  1. I still say seperate bathrooms are the biggest key to a happy marriage.
    Come look at the pictures I put in my blog.  I’m entering a photo contest.  LadyS too if you see this.

  2. Feel lucky you’re not me, as I get up to three or more sinus infections a year, and no doctor’s ever offered to give me a shot in the ass (I’ve tried antibiotics, but they haven’t really helped, either). Anway, glad you’re feeling better, and hope you have a great time at your Xmas party!

  3. We’ve been doing the 24 hour sick thing here.   The kids are all done…just waiting on us adults to succumb.
    Glad you’re feeling better!  Hope you have a wonderful time at the party next week!

  4. Glad you’re getting better.  I’ve never heard of anyone receiving an antibiotic injection for a sinus infection.  That must have been a really nasty one . . .You may be the only people in America who will actually enjoy their office Christmas party this year . . .Enjoy the trip.

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