A Little History

My love and I have four anniversaries.  Illumination Day, Bobby Wilson Day, First Kiss Day, and Abbey Day.

Our second Illumination Day is coming up this week.  This is how our amazing romance all started…

One day at work I got this unexpected email:

‘ELV-00-0760’ was rejected because:
The [Corporate] logo has to be in a header.  Nothing is permitted to be above the [Corporate] logo.  Please review Net Services > E Publishing > [Corporate] Brandsource and Visual Standards.  Thank you.

To which I replied:

I’m confused by this rejection.  This is an Excel 2000 spreadsheet, and it’s to be released as an XLS file.  In Excel 2000 you can’t insert a graphic into the header.  The program won’t allow you to do it (I checked … Excel 2002 and above, yes, but in this version, no).  I can see where, if it were an Acrobat file, it could be inserted above the Excel header, but this is not the case.  They need it as an Excel document. 

How can I do this, and why is this the first time one of my Excel documents have been rejected for this?  It’s never been an issue in the past.

Sincerely in search of illumination,


To which LadySavina replied:

Let me see what I can find out regarding this. 
Sincerely searching to illuminate!

That was the start of all of this.  She was already separated from her husband and divorce bound.  Her and I became instant friends, startlingly close in an amazingly short amount of time.  We realized it was love very early on, even before we met.  When we met on First Kiss Day …………….. wow.  Our love was stronger, deeper, and more amazing than either one of us ever imagined in our wildest of dreams.

This incarnation of my Xanga site, in fact, has been more about our romantic adventures than anything else, because I had to create this site after her future ex discovered my old one, and I had to shut it down.  You see, he was absolutely fine with divorce until he realized another man might actually be in his ex-wife’s life.  He actually wanted it as part of the divorce agreement that she doesn’t get to date anyone, ever.

Anyhow, this is why there is an Illumination Day in our lives.  I was searching for illumination, and LadySavina provided it.  She is in all respects the source of my sunshine.

Illumination Day is on December 6th.


14 thoughts on “A Little History

  1. Jerry;
    I agree that you cannot insert a graphic in the header and I also concurr that in the past this dococument type has been published this way, but [Corportate] is keen that it’s visual standards are being adherred to.
    I have edited your file and attached it here.  Please review it, and if the document is acceptable check it back in.
    Hoping to have illuminated just a tad!
    Doc C-In

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