Happy Illumination Day!

Thank you
For your sunshine
For finding me my love
I can’t fathom what life would be like

On all wavelengths
Rays from your smiling eyes
You gave me illumination
And love

My lady
You changed it all
Made the future so bright
My favorite time of my life
Is now

I will see you tomorrow!


10 thoughts on “Happy Illumination Day!

  1. Well, ‘ya know, everyone should have a favorite time of life. Mine was in the womb, I think… Very warm, comfortable, stress free.

  2. Whoops, accidentily hit the submit button without writing anything, lol.
    Anyway, I’m leaving xanga (the blogging portion) but am still commenting, so. No need to miss!
    *hugs* Plus, you have a livejournal account, right? You can use that, too.
    I like your poem. And the picture as well. Matching profile pictures, is it?

  3. You’re in luvvvvvvv! RYC: We bought a Disney annual pass; cost about $200 but we can go almost any day of the year, so we tend to pop in for a few hours here and there. Really great deal. My kids are lucky!

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