Proof, Instead of Faith?

According to quantum physics, the act of observing something effects it.  Just that fact that you look at it, changes it.  Experiment after experiment proves this.

It gets even more weird. 

When you’re looking at the smallest of things, the tiniest of the tiny, nothing is there but possibility.  The fact that you look at something forces it to choose one of the possibilities and solidifies it into reality.  This leads some to conclude that reality itself is not there if you don’t look at it.

This is very Zen, but ultimately it doesn’t stand up to logic.

Perfect example:  Mars.  We send rovers to Mars, and look at a landscape that we can tell has been there for a billion years.  We didn’t just now force the landscape details into existence by looking at it.  It’s been there all this time without us observing it.

Yet still, it’s proven — the nature of reality requires an observer for it to solidify into one (out of all) possibilities.

Observation is necessary for reality.

So who is observing everything when there’s no one around to observe it?  This Ultimate Observer must be omniscient and ageless.  This Observer must have been around a billion years ago to check out Mars, the surface of Venus, and even the dark side of the Moon.

Logically, this Ultimate Observer must exist, or the Universe would be empty.  All the things that we don’t observe wouldn’t be there, and yet they are.  We know they are.

Since this Observer is literally forcing the Universe out of a cloud of possibility and into substance, would not this qualify as godhood?

This is then logical proof of the existence of a God.


10 thoughts on “Proof, Instead of Faith?

  1. Good points, but I don’t buy it.  It does not prove the existence of a god.  Remember that article you read about humans “breaking the Universe” by looking at it?  We are just a fledgling peon race, yet we are looking at planets and stars billions of light years away with our little telescopes.  Maybe there are other, far more advanced races with telescopes that can see pebbles on planets millions of light years away and THEY are forcing reality into existence.  Of course there COULD be a god doing this, but your argument does not prove that.

  2. Well, as usual the fair lady is thinking along my wavelength.
    However, this reminds me of the cat in the box theory, which always struck me as contrived and sarcastic.  I’d be interested to read experiments showing that non-sentient things change their behaviour when observed.

  3. But….then who or what is observing God?  For God to exist–for him to be real–doesn’t He need to be observed by someone or something?
    I’m just playing devil’s advocate.  I believe in God wholeheartedly.  I guess I’m just in an argumentative state of mind.

  4. Deep thoughts. As I’ve only had one cup o’ Joe yet this morning however, I simply leave it at that… And add one additional ‘insight’… 42!

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