Stealth Posting

I’m actually writing this in Outlook so I can copy and paste it very quickly in Xanga when no one is looking.

That way it looks like I’m … well, working.  Which I’m not, not really, because I find myself sitting here with nothing to do.

My manager had recommended me for a really cool new position, that of “Digital Marketing Specialist.”  I interviewed with five people earlier this week and it all seemed to go well.  Now, I wait.

It’s an exciting job with a great, fun team of people, and there’s a very good chance it will enable me to move up here and be with LadySavina, instead of her moving to Texas, which would have been problematic.  But the unexpected thing was, the job may actually land me in the same neighborhood as TRNunes instead of LadySavina.

Milady said no problem, she’d move there with me.  If I get it.  Which (knock on wood) I think I will.


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