Let It Snow!

We are snowed in.

No company party tonight, but also, no airplanes leaving either.  Oh darn, LadySavina and I are stuck together to huddle for warmth.  Such misery. 

She just came over and said, “You make it sound like I live in a shack!  Battling mice, huddling for warmth…”

No, she doesn’t live in a shack.  She lives in a nice farm house surrounded by trees and fields, and right now, mountains of snow.  It’s quite warm in here, actually.  Cozy, even.  Especially when she’s pressed up against me like this and kissing my ear.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love her?

Anyway, there is some doubt whether or not I’ll be flying anywhere tomorrow.  In the meantime I’m missing my writer’s group Christmas party.  Sorry my friends that I can’t be there, but if I have to miss it for something, this is the one thing I would want to miss it for.  Snuggles and kisses!

LadySavina says:  “Let me edit this before you post it!”

(She took out all the naughty bits.)


8 thoughts on “Let It Snow!

  1. Baby’s asleep, lights are out, Christmas tree lights a-twinkling, classical music softly playing, drink in hand, about to snuggle on couch.  It doesn’t get any better than this…..  Signing off now!

  2. Now I’m going to have that nauseating christmas song ‘Let it snow let it snow’ on my brain – they INSIST on playing it in shops here even when it’s 90 in the shade and no snowflake has fallen here since the ice age before last.  Keep warm – I’m sure you will

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