Novel Progress

I miss LadySavina in the worst way.  I haven’t talked to her for about five days now.  It’s killing me.

I’ve channeled my angst into my novel and boosted the word count a good 4000 (and counting).  I’ve also been able to translate some very personal feelings into it.  The main character is back from the dead, and keeps thinking about his previous life — which I’ve been able to equate to my “coma years” back when I was married.  His current adventure, in his new life, I’ve been able to equate with the excitement I feel about my own life — it’s wonderful to be able to say that I am living my favorite time of my life right now.  I’m also able to translate some actual events into fictitious ones, like sneaking into LadySavina’s house to grab clothes and stuff for her when we thought she was being watched.  I’m also able to base a lot of disturbing behavior of my novel’s villain on actual behaviors I’ve observed coming from someone real.

My villain is actually creeping me out as I write about him.  I’m not really sure if that is a good thing or not.

Speaking of creepy.  Check out this ambiguous trailer I found on YouTube…


8 thoughts on “Novel Progress

  1. I disagree.  It’s awesome when your characters become so real that the villians are as dark as they should be.  One of my best villians in one of my novels made me want to alternately cringe and beat the living crap out of her.
    Write on!

  2. Hope your lady gets home safely.  Sorry we didn’t connect but I was glad she contacted me in case she had trouble in my area we could have been a resource.  

  3. Your Lady I am sure misses you just as muchand you have found that your second love (writing)is making the time pass by more quickly.sending you a ((((( HUG )))))) for your pain.

  4. I hope you get to talk to her soon.  And your novel sounds exciting!  You’ll have to let us know when it makes it to print.  I think it’s outstanding that your villain is creeping you out.  That means there’s some real depth to the character.  Fabulous!

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