The Last Friday Of The Year

I spoke to LadySavina a couple times since my last blog.  Her Christmas was without conflict and she’s heading home … but she’s heading into a big snowstorm.  I don’t think she’ll be home until tomorrow.  UPDATE: She is home safe, I just got a call.

My boss gave me the afternoon off and I don’t go back until Wednesday.  My younger daughter and I went to lunch, where my older daughter waitresses, and I helped her ‘upsell’ ratio by ordering so many beers that I couldn’t drive afterwards.  So I handed her the car keys and walked home, leaving the sisters together with the car.  They came home giggling about boys.

I put another 1500 words on the novel but I’m sure these words will need some serious editing.  Later.


6 thoughts on “The Last Friday Of The Year

  1. Congratulations on the 1500 words!  As for myself, I feel I need to have the input of the copy editor as I go along, especially for a project of this magnitude and content (my first memoir).   
    And as for you and Lady S… I am so happy to read that the fires of love are still burning!  Having been disconnected from Cyber-space; it was like getting back to a good romance novel; I adore happy endings. 
    And wouldn’t it be fun to have you two live close…not only for my computers sake but just to break bread together while we all get a chance to know each other.   I continue to work towards manifesting my plans and desires for a large home with guest cottages so that I can invite people to come and visit.   And of course You and your Lady Love are my list. 
    Hugs and blessings.

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