Hummer Accessories

I had to do some research on Hummers this morning, as I was writing a scene where a driverless H2 attempts to kill my novel’s protagonist, and came across this video showing all the myriad Hummer features.

[For those without broadband access, this video shows little known options such as tractor treads and jet engines.  My personal favorite option appears to be a particle beam cannon, or perhaps a death ray, that pops out of the top of the vehicle.]

I’m resisting the urge to post the actual scene.  When the “glow” wears off I may not think it’s so wonderful, and then find it may actually be embarrassingly awful. 


4 thoughts on “Hummer Accessories

  1. At the risk of being a crank, I can’t stand Hummers.  That you featured one as an evil entity in your writing I think is appropriate.  In truth, the evil ones are the rich suburban housewives that run around in these gas hogs.  Other than the army, I can see no use for Hummers or rich suburban housewives for that matter.

  2. IF I were a rich suburban housewife I would like nothing better than a hummer to drive around in.  That way I could take out all my frustrations at my worthless, unrewarding life by running over and crushing everything in sight.

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