Old Shack in McKinney

Every day I pass this old shack on the way to and from work, and I’ve always wanted to do a photo study of it. 

Well, today was finally the day…

First of all, because of the subject, I felt it would be best studied in sepia…

Then I found one angle that I thought was especially creepy…

Or was it this angle that was especially creepy?

I guess this would be the porch?

Well ventilated walls…

Superb craftsmanship…

Uh, but watch where you step around here.

On the way back I found what I thought was a great image to entitle:  “Man Vs. Nature”


10 thoughts on “Old Shack in McKinney

  1. Those are great pics!  I agree that the sepia adds to the feel of the site, and the first one was definitely the creepier of the two, like a shot in some horror film.
    And that last one?  Perfection to the theme!

  2. loved these photosthe shack….”starter house maybe?”was quite dear and lonely …”Man vs. Nature”is quite beautiful as well…Happy Happy New Year….This is your Year

  3. I agree with Tim, that this is reminiscent of the Shack in Stockton that we all know and love so well.  That being said, what I think is the creepiest about this shack are the trees that sort of took it over.  I don’t see any other trees in the vicinity.  Nature won that battle.

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