This morning my love was teasing me about a pair of my underwear which she says has pink stripes.  So she took my phone and snapped a picture of it and said she’s going to post it on Xanga.

So in retaliation I took a picture of her lovely bottom half in her hot pink thong and said, “Okay, I’ll post this on Xanga!”

“You had better not!”

I laughed and deleted it.

But she posted hers!  LOL!  Not fair! 

Packed and Ready

I am packed and ready to go to the great frozen North.  The predicted high tomorrow for where I’m landing is 0° F.  That’s right.  Zero.  Predicted low is -10°.

Will try and catch up with everyone in a few weeks, but for the time being, I probably will only doing flybys here.

LadySavina and I will do our best to help contribute to global warming.

OH – I almost forgot.  I got a call today.  I got the job!

Pictures from last weekend…

This is entering the McKinney Woods…

It’s a blurry cell phone picture but still, I loved the eerie feeling it has.

Deep in the woods we stumbled into this meditation garden.  I didn’t even know it was out here.

Just in case you’re wondering, that is some sort of Zen maze.  Very cool.

This picture I really liked because it has a kind of art deco feel to it.

Either that, or Cartoon Network.

Hope everyone had a good Monday.

I get to see my love in less than 5 days!  Happy happy happy!


I had been wanting to create a new masthead for this site that is more “gleefully wicked.” 

The one below is the one I finally used…

Yes, that’s me, but a … ahem … few years ago.

This is a close second.  That’s me, too, at an even earlier age.

You can tell something gleefully wicked was going on behind those eyes.

The following are just pictures of mine that I like, that I thought would make a good masthead, though they’re fairly generic (except for one, but even that could be considered generic).

The one with the bunny, and the one with the bubble, I actually released on Xanga in a couple new themes that anyone is free to use.

Now it’s time for me to go to the gym, work out a bit, then have some dinner.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.