Novel Writing is Lonely

I’m working seriously on my current novel, back in the saddle after only lightly touching it for the past six months.

I write a bit, then have to check email. I write a bit, or — worse —
just stare at the screen a bit, then decide I have to go read a blog or
two. Or go get my hourly fix from that new SF website called (it’s crack for SF&F fans, I’m completely hooked).

Then I write a page or two, and think … wow, I’m lonely.

Sometimes I sit at Starbucks with my friend Bill,
both of us whacking happily away at our laptop keyboards, each working on our
various stories or projects. That, I realize, is when I’m most at ease
with writing. Writing is best done with a partner, even if you’re
working on separate projects.

I remember my college days when I and a loose knit group of writing
friends would all hang out at the local restaurant for hours,
scribbling away with paper and pencil. Breaking every once in a while
to ask a question or to read a passage. Those were the days.

And now I’ll return to writing my novel, and see how long I can go without interrupting myself like this again.


7 thoughts on “Novel Writing is Lonely

  1. This will probably sound unsociable, but one of the things I like about writing is that it can be a solitary activity. But I just now realized, even when I’m writing I’ll usually have at least one AIM window open talking to a friend in intermittent bursts.

  2. I agree, it can be lonely. I’ve found that I almost need a balance between having people around to bounce ideas off of and having space and time to work without interruptions. Too much or too little of either and the writing process becomes more difficult.

  3. I never had college days like that, though it sounds like it was exceptional cool. And I’m glad you’re back at the novelist gig. As for the new Website, I don’t think my addictive personality can take another addition.

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