I love it when I’m writing a smooth torrent of prose, and it’s just flowing out onto the page.

Unfortunately that’s not happening.  I’m making progress on my novel, but I can’t really describe it as “flowing.”  It’s more like “lurching.”

Odd, too, because I’ll write out a difficult scene without a problem, just whacking away at it, and then I stumble on some simple little A -> B transition.  

It’s one of those type type type … pause … delete delete delete … hmm … type type typedelete delete delete.  Etc.

Ah, the glory of writing.

On the personal front, it looks like my job will fly me up to be with my love for two weeks , or they might fly me off suddenly to attend a conference in Finland .  As interesting as Finland sounds (I still haven’t made it there, despite numerous failed plans) I would so much rather see my love!

I have unofficial word that I have the new position, which will eventually have me move up north, but the wheels of bureaucracy in a large international corporation turn … so … slowly.  Someone somewhere needs to sign something before anything will happen, and to that person, this is not a priority.


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  1. Ugh, I hate it when writing feels like that.  Entirely frustrating and soul crushing.  I’m finally getting back some of my writing motivation and actually getting things rolling on a new project after about a month of just staring blankly at Word, then shutting the laptop and doing somthing else!  May 2008 be the year of amazing motivation to all writers near and far!

  2. I second Heather’s sentiment!  On the personal front – I would rather you here than Finland AND if I were president of said large labouriously slow corporation the paperwork would have been signed yesterday – no wait – before they started interviewing!

  3. Sometimes it’s like we are just a cog in a wheel grinding away in the big machine.
    I can relate to the writing. Sometimes you just can’t predict how those juices are going to flow – ya know?

  4. I understand the lurching, too.  Sometimes, when I let the lurch-y writing marinate overnight, I write better the next day.  Does that make sense?
    Oh, and tell whoever it is to hurry up and sign the paperwork so you and L.S. can be together!!!

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