Disappearing Ink

My love called this morning for our daily drive-to-work chat, and I answered with pillow talk.  “What, are you still in bed?” she exclaimed.  “Uh, yes.”  “You better get moving then!”

I had slept through my alarms, both of them.  And I mean solidly slept through them, to the point where they had given up trying.  Result:  Younger daughter late for school, me an hour and a half late for work.  The worst part is I didn’t get to have my proper morning chat with LadySavina. 

On a totally unrelated note:  I discovered something disturbing last night.  I was going through and organizing my stuff, and I discovered receipts dating back 3-4 years … and most of them were blank.

BLANK.  The ink had faded to nothing.  You could see on restaurant tabs where I added the tip and signed it, but other than that, I was lucky to find the faintest ghost traces of any printing what-so-ever.

What is the point in saving all your receipts for seven years if they’re printed with disappearing ink?


6 thoughts on “Disappearing Ink

  1. They probably use cheap ink for receipts to save themselves money. One could probably find some way to preserve them (maybe by doing something like putting them in those plastic sheets used to preserve photographs and keeping them out of the sun), but it seems like a lot of effort for something you most likely won’t need (if you are lucky).

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