I had been wanting to create a new masthead for this site that is more “gleefully wicked.” 

The one below is the one I finally used…

Yes, that’s me, but a … ahem … few years ago.

This is a close second.  That’s me, too, at an even earlier age.

You can tell something gleefully wicked was going on behind those eyes.

The following are just pictures of mine that I like, that I thought would make a good masthead, though they’re fairly generic (except for one, but even that could be considered generic).

The one with the bunny, and the one with the bubble, I actually released on Xanga in a couple new themes that anyone is free to use.

Now it’s time for me to go to the gym, work out a bit, then have some dinner.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


10 thoughts on “Mastheads

  1. So, were you successful in your efforts to charm the girl in the picture?  I know, I know — a gentleman never tells . . .And I really like the bubble image, as well . . .

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