Pictures from last weekend…

This is entering the McKinney Woods…

It’s a blurry cell phone picture but still, I loved the eerie feeling it has.

Deep in the woods we stumbled into this meditation garden.  I didn’t even know it was out here.

Just in case you’re wondering, that is some sort of Zen maze.  Very cool.

This picture I really liked because it has a kind of art deco feel to it.

Either that, or Cartoon Network.

Hope everyone had a good Monday.

I get to see my love in less than 5 days!  Happy happy happy!


7 thoughts on “Pictures from last weekend…

  1. Cool pics (including that beautiful young girl clad in monochromatic (smile)). The ‘zen maze’ looks like the labyrinth at the Naperville Riverwalk, and the woods reminded me of the Morton Arboretum, to nice ‘walking destinations’ I’d love to share with you if you every make it out to this neck of the woods (pun intended).

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