Packed and Ready

I am packed and ready to go to the great frozen North.  The predicted high tomorrow for where I’m landing is 0° F.  That’s right.  Zero.  Predicted low is -10°.

Will try and catch up with everyone in a few weeks, but for the time being, I probably will only doing flybys here.

LadySavina and I will do our best to help contribute to global warming.

OH – I almost forgot.  I got a call today.  I got the job!


10 thoughts on “Packed and Ready

  1. Congratulations.  And Congratulations!Living in Florida, most of the people I come into contact with have a strange perception of cold.  I tell them that I actually like the cold weather, unless it’s cold enough that it’s painful.  -10° is painful . . .Have a wonderful trip . . .

  2. Congrats on the job, you fellow marketing stud, you
    As for the weather, well… You don’t have to tell me, obviously

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