Texas Boy vs. Northern Exposure

I’m not sure which was more freaky:  that it was -20º (negative twenty degrees!) this morning, or the fact that it didn’t bother me.

By the time we got to work, the car’s thermometer said it was -11º and holding.


15 thoughts on “Texas Boy vs. Northern Exposure

  1. That is cooold.  I’m a northern boy living in Florida.  People here (as would also be the case with most Texans) think that 30º degrees is extremely cold. 
    I suppose, however, that somewhere in Antarctica, a cynical penguin might wonder how we could possibly believe that -20º is cold . . .

  2. Aren’t those purple and pink mornings in the snow beautiful, though?  Yeah, it’s bitter frigid and I can hardly wait for things to warm up.  I’m SO not a winter girl!

  3. That pic is breathtaking – almost makes me wish for snow. Congrats on the job!!! One more hurdle out of the way – yea!
    Have a great time. I’m sure you both will.

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