I Can’t Decide!

Okay, I can’t decide if I want to vote “Yes” on NO, or vote “No” on YES.

Proposition NO seems rather negative, but Proposition YES seems to be far too expensive.

I’m afraid what will happen if I vote “Yes” on YES.  I mean, that could very well lead to there being too much of a good thing, which, of course, is bad.   And I’m afraid to vote “No” on NO because … obviously … that’s a double negative!

What a dilemma modern politics presents us.

Which button do I push for “Maybe”?

This blog brought to you by the American Committee for More Industrious Procrastination.


8 thoughts on “I Can’t Decide!

  1. I voted a week ago. It was freezing cold, and I found the touch screen voting machine confusing (Old people and technology… What can I say?)

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