Half Naked and Working Blog Entry

My love IM’ed me a few minutes ago:  “You need to post a blog.  I’m bored of looking at your old one.”

Okay, this is what’s going down.  My new job started on Feb 1st and I’ve been far busier than I’m used too, trying to hit the ground running with the new position while also trying to hand off the old one.  That latter part is not going so smoothly, and so I’m finding myself doing both jobs.

Obviously this can’t continue.

I do get to go right back up and see my Lady love again in 11 days!  I’ll be there for just under a week.

In March I have to attend an eBusiness summit in Helsinki (does that sound important, or what?!!) and they want me to fly up a week early so I can meet with a bunch of folks about standards, etc.  This is going to be a juggle because that’s when I had originally planned to fly to California with my kids to visit family.  Instead I will most likely go with them to the airport, but they’ll be flying to California for spring break, and I’ll be flying to Finland.

Finland!  Finally!  I’ll see if I can take in a cell-phone-throwing or wife-carrying competition while I’m there.

I promise I will try to catch up on everyone’s Xangas before the week is up.

Until then my friends, stay warm and safe.  LadySavina is being buried alive in snow up North while I’m working from home in sunny Texas with my window open and shirt off.


10 thoughts on “Half Naked and Working Blog Entry

  1. Finland!  Very Cool.  And I certainly know the place you are in job wise.  It took me almost 3 months to fully transition to my current position.

  2. First was the post about an alleged photo of you wearing a thong.  Now this.  What does the queen think of the king’s exhibitionist tendencies?  Oh, that’s right, she’s the one that started all of this . . .
    Enjoy the Finnish hospitality . . .

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