Easter in Finland

I know I’ve been saying over the past several months about how I have to go to Finland.

Well, now I’m really going to Finland.  I just booked the trip.  As it turns out, I’m going to be there for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, which I’d never thought about.  But, hey, it’s not a vacation trip, I’ll be working.

I ended up taking the massive hard drive back because it was just too slow.  Make of that what you will.  In its stead bought some other new techie toys, including one that measures a whole 19 inches. 


16 thoughts on “Easter in Finland

  1. Hmm…all that drive and really slow…sounds like a womans dream come true.
    lol  But techie toys can be fun too.
    Please forgive me  I just could not resist…though I should have. lol
    When is your trip?  I hope you will have some time to look around and experience the country.

  2. You promise to take lots o’ pictures? 
    And yeah, I’d have taken it back, too.  What’s the point in being bigger if you’re going to bore me to tears by taking forever to get to the point?

  3. Too bad about the massive hard drive but 19 inches kind of makes up for it, you know?
    RYC: Please don’t say vodka.  I’m at the end of my rope and I still have a few days left on this stooooooopid bet!

  4. i’m surprised that hard drive was so slow.  Weird.  Enjoy your new toys, and DO enjoy your trip to Finland.  Easter must be early this yr, huh?  Unless you are booked to stay there for a long time….will a certain lady be able to join you?

  5. Ryc: I’m not seeing the specific name right at the moment and am not sure where I put the box, but I suspect that mine is an older model. But it is a Microsoft wireless system of some sort. I got mine at least a year ago and maybe 2 years ago. The basic design looks the same. Has worked pretty well for me.

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