Black And White Trees

I hope this redeems me for the octopus strawberry photo.
My Lady informed me it was rather disgusting.


10 thoughts on “Black And White Trees

  1. Yes…it does…Ah thee has a loving and wise woman!  I could not look at the photo of the octopus and strawberry for very long just long enought to get my mind to believe what I was seeing. yuk…I only like my octopus or squid crispy with olive oil and feta cheese.  Wonderful come back this is a beautiful photo.
    hugs, Ashes

  2. Cool trees! Though I personally thought the octopus-strawberry photo looks appetizing, in a way I probably shouldn’t explain in further detail.

  3. oh I just read yesterday, or rather saw yesterday’s pic, and yes it is indeed very disgusting.  you should enter it in a contest as it evokes strong emotion lol…

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