Snowing In McKinney

It’s snowing right now here in McKinney, TX.

Yesterday we were running around with short sleeve shirts and last night I slept with my window open because it was 74°.

Only in Texas.  <– by popular demand


6 thoughts on “Snowing In McKinney

  1. Sorry, but it’s not just you Texans this time.  We had 70 degrees on Saturday and snowfall most of the day yesterday.  (No significant accumulation though, that 70 degrees warmed the ground enough for that …)

  2. Yep, gotta add to the disentive clammer… Happens up here in Chicagoland too, where such weather can also be followed by sub-zero temps, windchills of thirty below, and more.

  3. Yes, same here.  Yesterday it got up to 72 degrees in West Central Illinois.  We had the windows open and I was playing outside with the children.  Today, it was below freezing and we’re supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow. 

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