It Really Works

Someone at work told me that they roast green coffee beans in an old air popcorn popper.

I mentioned I was interested in trying that, so one of my Christmas gifts from my love was an assortment of green coffee beans (from a place called Sweet Maria’s).

It was a challenge, but I finally found a air popcorn popper that was the right type, and it arrived yesterday.

Today, while home for lunch, I tried it out.

It works great, and the coffee tastes wonderful.

EditNo no no I did not eat the coffee beans.  LOL.  Well, maybe a few, but I do that anyway.  I ground it up and brewed a cup, drinking it with my lunch.  “Me speak pretty some day.”

Double Edit:  I made a film of the whole adventure and will be debuting it here tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “It Really Works

  1. WOW!  thank you for the great tip!  I have two air popcorn poppers because I have popcorn almost everyday of my life…either for a mid-day snack or my evening meal. I am always on the look out for more before they become obsolete.  Thank you and your love again!  ooh I need to go visit your love.  Ashes

  2. That is too, too cool!! My mom has an air popper at home, maybe I could try that next week when I’m there? Where exactly does one buy green coffee beens? And are there additional tips/tricks/guidelines some else who wants to try this should be aware of?

  3. So it was the freshest coffee you’ve ever had with lunch.  What about breakfast? Afternoon break? Dinner?Do you think the coffee grounds being fresh would make a difference if you were to put them in your garden?Are you now or have you ever considered growing your own coffee beans?

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