“Quest for Coffee Roaster”

I made a little movie for my GroovyBrew.com site but I thought I’d share it with my friends here, first…


17 thoughts on ““Quest for Coffee Roaster”

  1. This was EXCELLENT!  I am having my coffee as I watched this!  Yes, I went back to the Bean Juice…but it is organic…and if I keep it to two cups before n9 a.m. I can sleep at night.  Yes…I am sensitive wuss. 
    Ahhhhhhhhhhh real thrift stores…it ws like entering the purly gates of thrift store heaven. Ahhhhhhhhhh it was great…thank you!  LIving in a small mountain town…we have only one real thrift store…and it is only about 500 sq. feet. 
    But we do have the free box where I have found two popcorn ~ coffee bean poppers…But I guess only one will work?  Thanks again…i am soooooo excited to get me some green coffee beans and give it whirl.  
    Hey…your lady love is so blessed…as I know you are to have your lady love; a  cutie patootie who roasts and makes coffee and goes thrifting.  Do you happen to have a friend or brother who would enjoy mountain life?  lol no I’m kinda serious.
    ~ Ashes ~

  2. That was exceptionally cool ! I was also impressed with the ‘production values’ of the video. Perhaps in a follow-on blog you can discuss how you did it (e.g. hands-free video or camera person in car and other places, script, etc)? Now I’m craving coffee, but I know it won’t taste as good!

  3. @trnunes – Tim, actually there was no cameraman, no script, and no movie camera.  I did it all with the AVI movie feature of my inexpensive little Canon PowerShot A720 IS digital still camera.  It is a better movie camera than my old (and way more expensive) Sony 8mm.  The video editing was done in plain old Windows Movie Maker.  I was also the cameraman, just holding it out with one hand and aiming it at myself.  I did usually about three takes of the silly scenes, and a series of long shots of the roasting event itself.  The rest was editing, editing, editing … just like when you’re working on a piece of prose.

  4. This video was delightful. I told my friend over IM to get on it, I was laughing so hard. “That bastard.” ROFL. You’ve inspired me to make another video blog post.

  5. That’s so cool!  So, by roasting them at home were you able to eliminate the bitter taste from the beans?  I adore the smell of coffee, but most of it just tastes like yuck because I don’t like bitterness.

  6. I finally got to watch the clip!  Yaay!
    #1)  I know a Steve Simpson–I wonder if it’s the same one?  #2)  The second goodwill store you went to looked like they had an excellent selection of appliances!!!  #3)  I thought your experiment was wicked cool.  I can’t wait to try it myself.

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