Piano Burning

I’m up north for the next five days with LadySavina, so I probably won’t be around much — except on Tuesday night, when I have to spend the night alone in a hotel.  I’ll probably be on Xanga all night Tuesday.  But until then…

Tonight we burned her old Bord Paris piano, made in 1834.  The frame was cracked and couldn’t be repaired, and she offered it up for free on CraigsList — I thought someone would have wanted it simply because it was such an antique.  But alas, no one wanted it, so we made a bonfire of it out in one of her fields, lighting fire to it, a couch, and two overstuffed chairs (along with a swimming pool, a tent, an old rug, and some moldy bags of old clothes).

I was skeptical that we’d get this stuff burning out in the ice and snow, but no, it went up with one match.  Flames shot a good 15 feet in the air.  It was quite a show.

Tomorrow, we burn a old rabbit hutch and some books.  Yes, books.  We’ll have to get the fire up to 451º F, at least according to Ray Bradbury. 

While I am normally against burning books, in this case it’s justified … they’re infested with black mold.


9 thoughts on “Piano Burning

  1. Fire. I have not a doubt in the world you can catch anything on fire.  You certainly were able to when we were kids, either intentional or not.

  2. There’s something fundamentally disturbing to me about the burning of a piano… Which I suppose makes me something of hypocrit, considering the humor I found in the flinging of one on Northern Exposure.

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